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natural Premature White Hair Treatment

Home Remedies to Cure White and Gray Hair

So I’ve been considering natural ways to cover my grays except I wanted something natural. I started looking around at the trees in my yard and a crazy idea struck me. I checked online to see if anyone else had thought of it and that’s how I stumbled upon this little tip that you might find useful.

If you have bleached hair and you want to spruce up your color a bit, why not try pomegranate juice? Now pomegranates can vary in color when ripe ranging from a translucent light pink to blood red (or crimson if you prefer). For this particular application you will want the one that’s blood red.

1. Cut open the pomegranate and take out the seeds. For your whole head you may need up to six large pomegranates depending on the length of your hair and if you are going for full coverage.

2. Put the seeds in a juice extractor or blend them with about half cup of water.

3. Put the juice into a saucepan to boil (It should have a slightly syrupy consistency).

4. Add 1/4 cup citrus juice (orange, lime, tangerine grapefruit etc.) or ACV. This way the dye stains better and lasts longer.

5. Divide the mixture in half and add conditioner to one container, enough to bring it to a smooth consistency.

6. Using an applicator brush apply the juice and conditioner mix throughout your hair.

7. Cover with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 15-45 minutes (or pop on your hotheads conditioning cap).

8. Rinse with cold water.

Use a spray bottle to saturate your head with the remaining dye concoction then cover with plastic cap again and sit under dryer for another 15 minutes. Finally rinse with cold water.

That’s it! You should have a reddish tinge and if your hair had color before it should be darker. If nothing else this should be a super beneficial hair growth cocktail!

Below is a quick video from YouTuber Liquiudgoldeyes that demonstrates a similar application.


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