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How to do Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

How to do Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

How to do Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial, Spring is fast approaching. And before long, everything will be in bloom, even your hair! This beautiful flower hair bun is the perfect look for the upcoming season. Plus, it’s pretty, wearable, and easy to do. Before you get started, I recommend doing this hairstyle with some curls or waves in your hair. It’s a great hairstyle for second-day curls. Just follow these easy steps:

Today’s flower braid hair tutorial with a half-up, half-down hairstyle was inspired by a Pinterest picture.    Scroll down for the hair tutorial video to learn how to create this romantic, braided hairstyle perfect for spring and summer.

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Braided pigtails are the most practical braid style since they get the hair out of your face and don’t easily unravel (and are simple enough to DIY even if you have two left hands). But white trace helium flowers elevate the normally plain style, giving the plants a delicate, feminine edge. First, start each braid at your hairline. Then, “using your ears as a guideline, anchor the flowers to the center of the braid and pin them with bobby pins to prevent them from slipping

If you’re wondering where to wear flowers in your hair, we’ve got you. You can rock a classic flower crown or wear a long, boho braid tucked with daisies. You can wear flowers to weddings, to graduations, and to any formal event that involves a dance floor  Really, wearing florals in your hair works pretty much anywhere you go. After all, what doesn’t look good with a fresh, colorful bouquet

Flower braid styles are one of the EASIEST braided styles that you’ll ever learn how to do.  Although I’m wearing it in a half-up-do here for a formal occasion, prom or a wedding, you can very easily incorporate this flower braid to your daily hairstyles.


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